Sunday, March 20, 2016

Inventions Needed 03 20 2016

Inventions Needed 03 20 2016

1. A dust pan that has a tab on the back of it that sits level with the floor.  So that you can secure the dustpan with your foot while drawing dust back into it with the broom.  Good for those with back problems who don't want to stay in that position while sweeping into the dustpan.

2.  An easy interface back up camera system for cars with hitches for boat trailers.  Whereby when backing up the camera on the back of the boat trailer helps guide you and not the one at the back of the car.  Such an interface would work whereby there is another socket back by the trailer hitch on the car.  Plug in the trailer lights to one and the back up camera to this one.  Whereby once the plug is being used the back up camera viewing monitor automatically defaults to it.

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