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Initial Postings Set Witticisms and Quotes of Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

All intellectual material herein was thought of by Thomas Paul Murphy unless otherwise noted, and is posted here for your enjoyment. I can kind of tell what “phase” in life I was in when I read these. I hope you get a laugh, if you do click on one of the advertisements that interest you when you leave the site. God Bless

Thomas Paul Murphy

Responsible communication

"Do not consider eating a big meal as a reward for yourself." 03 17 2007

"Nothing is same." 03 17 2007

"Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and those drunken Irish are trouble."

"Men buy fishing baits like women buy Jewelry." 03 17 2007

"I find that if I follow where my imagination goes it often takes me to the truth." 03 18 2007

"If you don’t think poorly of yourself, you never strive to do better you worthless shit."

"Oh Jesus Christ she’s doing it."

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and the world cry’s at you." 04 10 2007

"In her high castle sat the proud Quadradextrous Mary dreaming of visions of RB and eating four doughnuts simultaneously with her toe fingers."

"I would think a man such as yourself would hold out for a more prominent house for sale sign."

"Laugh one, Laugh all."

"Not able to see ourselves through others."

"They were taught to listen and they couldn’t stop hearing." 04 12 2007

"People are the way they are because of the way they were." 04 04 2007

"They were taught to be that way." 04 04 2007

They that make themselves feel good by making others feel bad 04 04 2007

"They that maketh themselves feel good by making less of others." 04 04 2007

"Recognizing the form of a moron’s applause when you hear it." 04 04 2007


I wrote a song you want to hear it:

My lucky number is 1

My lucky number is 2

My lucky number is 3

My lucky number is 4

My lucky number is 5

And so on, you get the idea.

"When a person’s actions are truly based on loving intentions things work out right."

"I’m so proud of your jealousy."

"You know what happened so and so showed up, and then so and so showed up again, and then so and so happened."

"I’m going to have to get out the block and tackle for you."

Igor say’s, “I think I can speak for so and so here”

"The so and so guy."

"So and so was seldom seen, so and so was seldom missed, and so and so finally left."

"So and so didn’t come over and then so and so wouldn’t come over again, and then so and so never came over belatedly anymore and then so and so never came over again."

"The some of all parts that is stronger than anyone."

"I’m sorry you see things my way."

"They looked at me like I was little Richard from day #1." 03 17 2007

"Physics – the more they push the harder I push back." 03 17 2007

"If I am unreal than anything I think and say about you would be unreal too, where should I start."

"For every TV show or movie depicting gun violence a preview of a young person accidentally shooting his brother S/B shown." 05 10 2007

"Harpoon the sun to solve the nations solar problems."

General Rule: “The one who quiets up first is the next one to go.” 07 31 2006

"You couldn’t be paid to be smart." 03 01 2007

"When two fools marry are their children more or less of fools." 03 02 2007

"Once you’re through they listen to you." 02 25 2007

"Car’s that eat people for energy."

"I see me in this world." 02 26 2007

"There’s only so much money you can shove in your boob strap." 02 26 2007

"Not everyone is as smart as me."

"Take the attitude that you keep people company."

"I don’t know what he’s thinking but I know what happens when he thinks." 03 11 2007

Note to self buy an old Sanford and Son truck and head straight to the border. Would be 1951 ford F100 “Murphy and Son”

"Bring full eye cannons to bear."

"Well driving the Hearst doesn’t pay much."

"The emotional waters he was navigating."

"You have wonderment and a merriful day."

"You need to take your dewitching pills." 03 30 2007

“Bachelorette #1 if I were to put you in a kitchen around dinner time what would you do?”

“Blush and Cover”

"Distraction transfer incentive."

“Now let’s see what did I do wrong, I took a breath of air here and I took a breath of air over there.”

"Plot: Captain of a pirate harem ship."

Scene, “J and T met while each shoveling shit at a horse stable. T had a close pin on her nose. And J finally talked to her and said “T what are your plans for the future?”

“You don’t want my money you shouldn’t get anybodies.”

"Let horn babe out of her cage."

"What do you think of someone who would antagonize someone until they got angry and then blame that someone for getting mad at you for it? A pilgrim maker."

"What is the difference between a listener and a thinker or rather listening and thinking? Listeners listen to learn from the thinker.”

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

These are my thoughts and witticisms and my quotations, if you use them without my permission…it would not be good for me. I would become very sad that you did not give me credit for my intellectual property and your karma whether you believe in it or not will be negatively affected, maybe even monetarily. Stay tuned this is just a small percentage of these I have on file. I just do not have all the time to sort, type and post these. But when I do I will let you know.

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