Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Articulated Grilling Spit 05 12 2010

The Articulated Grilling Spit 05 12 2010

Background, how many times have we eaten a roasted turkey that was cooked on a spit and wasn’t done on all ends. If there were only a spit that allowed for movement of the food along the line of the cooking axis. This could be actuated by a second hand crank for this separate function on the same spit, the spit thereby being able to be freely articulated along its axis for areas to be reached that otherwise were not reachable with a common spit. The actuation allowing for more even cooking and less undercooked spots. Marinated meats could be cooked to achieve more of a uniform “moistness” throughout, with this new articulated spit, as the meat as is often desired. The second linear mechanism would have to remain free from binding under temperature variations and built up waste, so we don’t miss any spots, as we articulate our spit.

Background, George Bernard Shaw once said and I am paraphrasing the quote, “If you put an Irishmen on a spit, there’s always another one ready to turn it.” Irishmen like to think of many variations of this spit. In summary, this invention, of a well articulated spit, would allow our spit to go places a traditional spit cannot.

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