Monday, May 10, 2010

Todays Health Buddy Quote

Today’s Health Buddy Quote 05 10 2010

“You must be the change you see in this world” my father read to me this off the screen of his health buddy. And I agree with this but had to add a little sarcasm after many an endless bad day.
“Who wrote that?” I asked.
“Mahtama Gandhi.” My father replied.
I replied, “Well we are until we are chin deep in $h17 !”

Today's post has no relation or read into as to the prior post. In other words I have great respect for Gandhi. A quality I find very admirable in India Indians is that they are magnanimous with their advice. I mean they always have seemed to give good advice no matter how your mood is regarding whether you are feuding with them or not. Of course now that I have said this Murphy's law will try and prove me wrong. But I will give them credit that they have the fewer roads to hell that are paved with good intent, than any group I have known.

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