Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Those who argue through attrition.

Types of People who argue through attrition.

Often this type of person was spoiled with too much attention when they were young and lead to believe they were born better than anyone else. This is what developed the ego that is not open to others ideas, and that is the most important part of the learning process. The attrition of their argument is a form of begging and this is how they best learned to get things when they were young. I also get the feeling that their parents thought they were better than anyone else and this was translated to the children’s behavior. It is not always the well to do that have this attitude it is also the woe always me’s, who feel they were unfortunate because they didn’t have any gifts at Christmas, and in reality lead to believe that those who have more are spoiled. Let them be beggars’ or motivate them in ways they would never recognize to do good for society with their wealth? Sometimes those who have more do good things with it but most often they do not. Sometimes we get mad at people as a last resort to get them to see our side of the argument, wouldn’t it be nice if they had developed the ability to listen in school. Sometimes those who have less spoil their kids with too much attention to overcompensate, these are often emotionally instable children and a distraction in the class room. The two opposite extreme forms of the same problem in society are:

1. The poor boy who bully’s because he is jealous.
2. And the rich kid who is jealous of the proper learning and parenting a poorer child got from his parents.
They both have learned to argue without listening.
A middle ground of understanding would seem to be best than either of these two extremes.

Blessed be those who think.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy
What qualifies me to write this article? I took many psychology courses during college and made many observations regarding this throughout my life.

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